In Juan Foronda you can buy online mantillas, handmade mantillas or machine embroidered mantillas.  You choose the best mantilla with the design you are looking for, either traditional or fashionable, with lace, white or black.

How to choose the best mantilla

To choose among the best mantillas you can review our online catalog and place your order according to the most common variables.

Mantillas for event, occasion or celebration

We have available mantillas for every celebration and you can choose according to the occasion or reason you have to use it.

Weddings are one of the celebrations where the mantilla is most used. In our online catalog we have available several models and embroideries for brides. 

Whether the wedding is traditional or modern, we have the ideal option in each case. You can review the catalog of bridal mantillas and choose the one that best suits the type of wedding. We also offer mantillas for bridesmaids on the occasion of a wedding.

The celebration of the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is also an occasion to choose a mantilla with a unique and original design. And for Easter celebrations you can choose high quality handmade mantillas.

Among our Spanish mantillas we have models for mourning, with black thread embroidery, ideal for this type of intimate gathering.

Shape of the mantilla

Generally, mantillas have three shapes: triangular, rectangular or half moon.

The triangular mantillas can be worn as a shawl with a party dress, or for religious celebrations, such as Easter.

Rectangular mantillas are more traditional than triangular ones. These are also known as towel veil mantillas. You can choose different types of rectangular mantillas on our website for special occasions, such as weddings or popular celebrations.

On the other hand, the half-moon mantillas are widely used throughout the Spanish territory. As its name indicates, it has a straight side and a curved side, offering a singular aesthetic according to any celebration.

The different embroideries of the mantillas combine with its shape and give it the touch you are looking for.

Type of fabric of the mantillas

Do you want a hand embroidery? Take a look at our handmade mantillas, with high quality workmanship and innovative proposals, either for a bridesmaid or for the adoration of the Virgin during a religious celebration.

If you prefer, you can also choose from our machine embroidered mantillas. Even though they are machine embroidered, they maintain the magic and attractiveness of the handmade ones, with different colors and models for every occasion.

You can choose between hand weaving or machine weaving according to your taste or the aesthetics you want to print in each type of event.

Embroidery and mantillas designs

Among our wide range of mantillas, you can choose among the best mantilla fabrics. If you want a classic style, which highlights the tradition and combines with your wardrobe in different occasions, we have embroidery in this style.

Nowadays, more daring and modern embroideries are more frequent, which stand out for the shapes they draw on the blankets. That is why we also offer modern embroidery for brides or the most daring bridesmaids.

You can see the detail of each embroidery in our online gallery and stroll through the diversity of designs that we can offer. Each embroidery is original and you will be able to wear the mantilla on different occasions.

Price of the mantillas

No extra costs. Our Spanish mantillas are available in a wide range of prices, just pay attention to the specifications in our online catalog and there you will have the opportunity to buy the prices.

We have mantillas from 65€, with machine embroidery for more intimate and reserved occasions, as well as exclusive handmade mantillas prices from 1000€ with hand embroidery for brides or bridesmaids.

If you are looking for a particular shape you can find triangular mantillas around 400€. And if you are looking for something traditional to give as a gift, with 100€ you can find a very colorful mantilla.

Color of the mantilla, the meaning of the hue

Traditionally, wedding mantillas, whether for brides or bridesmaids, are white. Perhaps it is the most used color and you will appreciate that we have a variety of hand embroidered mantillas in this color, with exclusive designs and a wide range of prices.

We also have black mantillas, to keep mourning or for occasions where you do not want to lose formality. You will be able to choose rectangular or triangular mantillas with embroidery of excellent quality.

As proposals for other styles, we have mantillas in other colors. You can choose a royal blue similar to black, or a turquoise color very colorful. We also have pink and purple mantillas, which you can combine with different dresses.

And if you are looking to combine aesthetics and enjoy the versatility of the mantilla, you can also choose a neutral blue for sober occasions without losing elegance.

Fashion trends in mantillas

Although traditional mantillas are usually rectangular, half-moon mantillas are also gaining popularity, combining with lace designs and original embroidery to show off their splendor in any occasion.

Colors are also becoming a fashion trend in the use of mantillas. You can choose between neutral colors, such as blue, or more striking colors such as purple or turquoise.

Although they are classic handmade elaborations, it is not superfluous to surrender to new trends. In Juan Foronda there is room for the communion of the traditional and the modern, that is why we offer the most fashionable embroideries so that you can wear a completely modern mantilla.

The mantilla in the local culture

We know that local cultures have their own patterns to use and wear mantillas. There are certain colors, embroideries, shapes and accessories to wear a handmade mantilla at the right time.

In Juan Foronda you can choose all kinds of mantillas and make the combination you are looking for according to your own identity, whether it is flamenco, sevillana or fallera.

For all cases of local culture we have available excellent embroidery, whether you want it to be machine or handmade. All you have to do is choose the right garment for your event and your attire.

Best Spanish mantillas

In our online craft store in Seville you can choose the best mantillas, either for a bullfighting party or for the celebration of a formal, informal, cultural or family event.

In our catalog you have available an important variety of handmade mantillas for weddings. The embroideries show traditional white designs, for those who like this style.

We also have modern and fashionable embroidery, which you can combine with more striking colors, either a purple or pink. It all depends on the dress, the reason for the celebration and, above all, your taste.

The best black mantillas are often used for those farewells that life has in store for us. Although you can also choose a sober and elegant design for formal occasions, meetings or events where you need to wear a mantilla with these characteristics.

In our wide range of mantillas you have a range of prices that you can take advantage of to have the best collection of mantillas for any occasion. Maybe you want a unique handmade mantilla for your wedding day, or you are looking for a royal blue mantilla for casual events.

Or you're looking for cooler, more youthful colors. Colors like turquoise or purple are very popular among today's young women, because they can match their outfits with the best mantillas, in diverse and cheerful colors.

And in latest trends of mantillas, to be fashionable you can wear a half moon mantilla, with a lace embroidery and white color, very useful for various occasions.

How to wear the best mantillas

Mantillas are a type of openwork and almost transparent garment. That is why the classic colors are black and white. That is also why the color of the wardrobe influences how the mantilla looks and is perceived. This garment will reflect the shades of the fabric on which it rests.

In order to use the best mantillas, it is common for women to wear a comb, which allows to stylize the hairstyle and the figure when wearing the mantilla. In addition, as far as styling is concerned, it is a perfect complement that goes well with dresses and heels.

In popular or local celebrations you can wear mantillas according to tradition and together with our embroideries you will have the opportunity to stand out with a unique and, above all, handmade design. 

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