1.- Purpose and ownership of the portal.


The owner of www.juanforonda.com is the entity Foronda y Balbuena S.A., a company incorporated under Spanish law with registered office at Calle Sierpes nº 33, (41004 - Seville), e-mail blasfor@juanforonda.com and holder of Spanish Tax Identification Number A-41.117.987.


Foronda y Balbuena S.A. either owns the intellectual property rights over the images, texts, designs, videos, or any other content or elements of this website, or has the necessary permissions for its use, being totally prohibited its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

2.- General terms and conditions of sale.

The general conditions of sale and use described below define the rights and obligations of Foronda y Balbuena S.A. within the framework of its website www.juanforonda.com.


This document and the documents mentioned herein establish the conditions governing the use of this website and the purchase of products on it.

These general conditions of sale and purchase (hereinafter, "Privacy Policy and Conditions of Use") regulate the on-line sale and purchase of the products of Foronda y Balbuena S.A. (hereinafter, JUANFORONDA.COM"), offered to the public through the JUANFORONDA.COM VIRTUAL STORE

and made available to the public through the VIRTUAL STORE JUANFORONDA. COM and offered for sale through the technical means incorporated therein for that purpose (hereinafter, the "Service"), and complete, insofar as they do not oppose them, the covenants set forth in the corresponding electronic purchase order (hereinafter, the "Purchase Order").

Access and use of the website www.juanforonda.com and all subdomains and directories included or that in the future may be included under the same (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Web), as well as the products offered through it, are subject to the terms detailed in this Legal Notice, notwithstanding that access to any of these services may require for their recruitment or use of them the acceptance of additional special conditions.

Therefore, if the detailed considerations are not of your conformity, please do not make use of the Web, since by accessing the Web you will be considered a user and accept these General Conditions. Likewise, any use you make of the Web or the Services included in it will imply the acceptance of the legal terms contained in this text.

Juanforonda.com reserves the right to suspend, cancel, restrict or make changes to the content of the Web, prices, links or information obtained through it, without prior notice, in order to update, correct, modify, add or delete the contents of the Web or its design. The contents of the Web may be updated periodically. Due to the fact that the updating of the information is not immediate, we suggest that you always check the validity and accuracy of the information contained in the Web before using the services offered through it.

Also, the conditions and terms contained in this Notice may also vary, so we invite you to review these terms when you visit the Web again.

See also the terms and conditions contained in this Notice may also vary, so we invite you to review these terms when you visit the Web again.

Juanforonda.com does not guarantee the absence of errors in accessing the Web, in its content, nor that it is updated, although it will develop its best efforts to, where appropriate, avoid, correct or update them, therefore expressly disclaims any liability for error or omission in the information contained in the pages of this Web.


3.- Adherence to the general conditions.


The completion and submission of the Purchase Order expresses full and unreserved adherence to each and every one of the General Conditions, as indicated in the "I accept the General Conditions" box of the Purchase Order.

4.- Treatment of personal data.


In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data collected on the website by filling out forms, sending emails and / or calls to the personalized service phone, will be processed and will be incorporated into a file called customers whose responsible is Foronda y Balbuena S. A. (hereinafter, "JUANFORONDA.COM") necessary to process your order, meet the requests you submit, send you the requested information, as well as, where appropriate, manage your access to certain services or features of the website and to keep you informed of products and services by JUANFORONDA.COM.

By completing and sending the corresponding Purchase Order, the User accepts that their Personal Data will be subject to automated processing by JUANFORONDA.COM in the terms indicated in the Personal Data Protection Policy of JUANFORONDA. COM, undertaking to respect the confidentiality of personal information and to guarantee the exercise of your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, which may be exercised by written communication addressed to Foronda y Balbuena, S.A. with address at Calle Sierpes nº 33 de Sevilla (41004) or by sending an email to blasfor@juanforonda.com indicating on the envelope or in the email "Data Protection".


If necessary, we may require you to provide a photocopy of your ID card, passport or other valid document that identifies you in order to process your request.


5.- Cookie policy.


This website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file sent to a device, used by us to track and store limited information about the use of our products or websites. In compliance with the provisions of the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce uses cookies to provide a unique and personalized service, certain features (such as allowing access to secure areas of login, preventing you from having to re-enter data on product forms or websites) and to provide technical support to our platform. Without cookies, some of these functionalities would not be available.


6.- Product information and availability


Given that many of the products offered by Foronda y Balbuena S.A. on its website are handmade, their size and weight descriptions may be approximate. The items offered through this website are available for shipment to Spanish territory and, upon consultation, to territory outside Spain.

7.- Orders

Purchase Orders shall be sent to JUANFORONDA.COM. by telephone, electronic means from the VIRTUAL STORE JUANFORONDA.COM and fax, precisely with the use of the technical means provided for that purpose, duly completed and, in particular, having fully completed the blanks and having provided each and every one of the data requested as mandatory.

Purchase Orders shall be sent to JUANFORONDA.COM.

Once a Purchase Order is received, JUANFORONDA.COM. will send a confirmation of the purchase contract made (hereinafter, the "Confirmation") to the email address indicated in the Purchase Order.


In the event that at the time of receipt of a Purchase Order there were no available stock of the Product or Products subject of such Order, JUANFORONDA.COM will offer the Customer the possibility to wait for it to be manufactured, to wait for it to be received from its supplier, to purchase a similar Product or to CANCEL the Purchase Order.


8.- Price and Method of Payment.

Price and Method of Payment.

We recommend the Client to print and keep in an accessible place all the information of the transaction, rules and methods of payment in order to avoid possible future misconceptions.

The prices of our products are indicated in Euros and all taxes are included. The participation in the preparation and shipping costs indicated is also in Euros and all taxes included. Transport costs are always shown separately.

The price of the Products shall be paid exclusively, and at the Customer's option, by any of the following means:


(a) By credit card (RECOMMENDED). The credit card payment service is provided directly by a credit institution. JUANFORONDA.COM. excludes all liability in relation to the confidentiality and security of the information and data provided by the Customer on the occasion of the payment of their electronic purchases by credit card, to the extent that the processing of such information and data is not exclusively under the control of JUANFORONDA.COM.


Once the Customer accepts the payment by credit card, it will be processed immediately under the concept of JUANFORONDA.COM.

(b) PayPal

Remaining countries:

(c) Request a quote via email to blasfor@juanforonda.com

The order will be considered complete, once the Product has left our warehouse.
All orders will be effective immediately.



JUANFORONDA.COM expressly reserves the domain of the Product until full payment of its price, expenses and applicable taxes.


10.- Delivery of the Product


10.1. Term.


The delivery time for products IN STOCK, shall be a maximum of seven (7) working days from the time the effective collection of the full price, expenses and applicable taxes is made. For cases where the product had to be manufactured or requested from suppliers of JUANFORONDA.COM, the customer will be informed, being that the delivery time mentioned above shall be understood from the time of receipt of the goods in the warehouses of JUANFORONDA.COM.

JUANFORONDA.COM declines all responsibility in case of impossibility of providing the Service, if this is due to any event of force majeure or fortuitous event. It will be understood that the contractual obligations will be suspended during the period in which the force majeure continues, extending the deadline for fulfilling such obligations for a period of time equal to the duration of the cause of force majeure.

10.2. Delivery areas.


JUANFORONDA.COM delivers its products worldwide. However for delivery to countries outside the Peninsula is necessary to consult the mail address: blasfor@juanforonda.com

10.3. Transfer of risks


Delivery is made by making the Product available by JUANFORONDA.COM or by a third party on behalf of JUANFORONDA.COM at the address indicated by the Customer in the Purchase Order. The Customer shall assume all risks of deterioration, impairment, damage and loss of the Products from the moment the Products have been made available to him/her in accordance with this clause.


10.4. Claims


In case of delay, breakage or receipt of an incomplete order, the customer may contact our "Customer Service" via email: blasfor@juanforonda.com by selecting the subject corresponding to your request.

Customers may contact our "Customer Service" via email: blasfor@juanforonda.com by selecting the subject corresponding to your request.

10.5. Delivery liability


JUANFORONDA.COM shall be released from its delivery obligations under this clause and disclaims any liability in this regard in the following cases:


(a) Total or partial non-payment by the Customer accompanying the Purchase Order.

(a) Total or partial non-payment by the Customer accompanying the Purchase Order.

(b) Omission or inaccuracy of the information that, in accordance with the above clauses, must be provided by the Customer in the Purchase Order at the time of placing the order.

(c) Failure to provide the Customer with the information required by the above clauses in the Purchase Order at the time of placing the order.

11.- Product warranty


For products that so require at the time of making the product available, JUANFORONDA.COM will deliver to the Customer the warranty documentation offered by the manufacturer of the Product. Once received, the customer must complete it correctly and return it by regular mail to JUANFORONDA.COM, which will proceed to its sealing and subsequent return also by mail.


12.- Right of withdrawal.


12.1. Form and term of exercise.


The Customer may freely withdraw from the contract within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of delivery in accordance with Clause 8 above. The date of the delivery receipt shall be used for the purpose of calculating the period of fourteen (14) calendar days referred to in this Clause.


The exercise of the right of withdrawal shall not be subject to any formality, being sufficient that it is accredited in any form admitted in Law. In any case it is recommended that the customer communicate the return of the article to JUANFORONDA.COM by email to the email address: blasfor@juanforonda.com explaining the reason for the return and the order number.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Product must be in new condition and in its original packaging or, failing that, properly packaged by their own means; and along with it, the original invoice that at the time had issued JUANFORONDA.COM to the Customer must be returned to Foronda y Balbuena S.A. to the following address: Calle Sierpes nº 33, (41004 - Sevilla). The risks of loss, deterioration, impairment or damage of the Product to which the withdrawal refers, are borne by the customer until its delivery to JUANFORONDA.COM. The exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Customer shall not imply the imposition of any penalty.


12.2. Refund in case of withdrawal.


JUANFORONDA.COM will refund to the Customer the amount initially paid by the Customer (after deducting the direct costs of return, which shall be borne by the Customer rejecting the returns carriage paid) in respect of price, expenses and taxes applicable by the Product within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days after receipt of the Product by JUANFORONDA. COM, provided that the Product was received by JUANFORONDA.COM in the conditions set forth in clause 11.1 above. In the event that the returned Products have any damage, the Customer will be informed that it must compensate JUANFORONDA.COM for the amount corresponding to such damage, deducting JUANFORONDA.COM that amount of the amount to be reimbursed to the Customer as a result of the withdrawal. The refund referred to in the preceding paragraph will take place by crediting your credit card.


12.3. Other refunds.


JUANFORONDA.COM will not process returns after fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt of the item unless expressly authorized and due to a manufacturing defect, in which case JUANFORONDA.COM will bear the shipping costs.

Any other change or return by customer's decision without good cause, if authorized, the customer will bear the shipping costs (round trip).

In case of having to make a credit note, this will not be made in cash, and such credit note will be valid for 6 months.

13.- Communications


13.1. Mode of communication.


Any communication between the Customer and JUANFORONDA.COM regarding a particular order may be made either by regular mail, e-mail, telephone or fax. In the latter three cases, the messages will be considered valid and binding, provided that the password of the email, fax, or checks that JUANFORONDA.COM deems relevant to perform through the phone, appear to belong to the counterparty and (fax) the original of the communication appears to have been signed by a representative of the counterparty.

13.2. Addresses.


For the purposes of communications, JUANFORONDA.COM designates the following address:

Foronda y Balbuena, S.A.
C/ Sierpes 33
C.P. 41004
Seville (Spain)

The Customer's address for the purpose of communications shall be the one designated in each case in the corresponding order in accordance with the above Clauses.

13.3. Customer Service


To express any opinion, suggestion or doubt, users may contact the Customer Service of JUANFORONDA.COM:


Customer Service.

- By e-mail to the address blasfor@juanforonda.com


- By calling the +34 95.422.76.61 (During business hours.)

- By calling the +34 95.422.76.61 (During business hours).

14.- Litigation - Applicable Law.


In the event of a dispute, the customer may first contact Foronda y Balbuena, S.A. to reach an amicable resolution. Failing this, the Courts of Seville shall be competent to hear such disputes.


These general conditions of sale are established in Spanish language and shall be executed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. Any dispute that may arise from their validity, interpretation or execution shall be submitted to the Courts of the place of residence of Foronda y Balbuena, S.A. Seville, to which exclusive and express attribution of jurisdiction is made.